Saturday, January 29, 2005

Moving date

Well, it looks like the JAARS moving truck will pick up our boxes on February 4. After that, we'll be cleaning up the apartment and trekking to North Carolina. That will be sometime prior to February 15 as our course begins on February 21 and we'd like to be moderately settled before our brains hit the fan (now there's a bizarre turn-of-phrase ...). We should be getting a hard copy (i.e. snail mail) newsletter out this month so be on the lookout for that, anyone who has ever graced us with a mailing address. If you're not sure that we have your mailing address and would like to receive a paper newsletter on a regular basis (complete with pretty pictures and scintillating tales of adventure!), email us your mailing address. You can send your address to as our email is not changing with the move.

'Tis a drizzly, chilly day out there today. I've only been outside once today; hauled Rob's sneakers on over my slippers and crossed the street to fetch the mail. Made chicken a'la king for lunch, faking the recipe as I went. Getting better at faking recipes. Must be developing some kind of cooking intuition after all these years.

Monday, January 24, 2005

It's official

We got our phone call this morning from Marshall; we are now official members of Lutheran Bible Translators! Yay! The board approved our membership application this weekend. Now, full steam ahead for North Carolina for training at JAARS. Gotta call them tomorrow to make moving arrangements.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Out for a walk

The temperature went down enough yesterday that we were able to go for a walk and visit a friend. It snowed at a funny angle, the little flakes going directly into my eyes, but I only got cold from my waist to my knees. We walked to the other end of town, a 30 minute walk, on the snowmobile paths on the sides of the highway. We were planning on going for a walk today but there's a wicked wind blowing and carrying with it sheets of bitter mist. I think we'll just veg for another day.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

In other news

Another bitterly cold day here today. I'm better (having clearer sinuses) than I've been and so ventured out into the cold, over to the parent's pharmacy to open letters for Mom in her office. Rob walked over for a bit in the afternoon but it was too cold for him to walk back so he read magazines until we were ready to go home and throw dinner together. We played a little Scrabble after dinner.

Canada flag

For those who may not have heard about Newfoundland's removal of Canadian flags from provincial government buildings in protest over Paul Martin's changing his tune on our proposed benefits from our oil revenues, now that we elected him, here's a website to give you a glimpse into the political climate here.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Rob and Dad in pajamas

Rob and Dad in pajamas, originally uploaded by eshinee.

my niece, Toni

my niece, Toni, originally uploaded by eshinee.

Colds, inside and out

Hope, Rob and baby Toni got out of here on New Year's Eve, crossed over to Nova Scotia on the ferry that night. We went to our first service at the Anglican church since we've been home on Sunday morning.

Rob has been snuffling since we've been home but we thought it was an allergy to Rob and Hope's dog, Chase. Now, I'm all snuffly too. We think it's a cold. Argh. I went to the pharmacy yesterday with Mom to work on papers in her office but had to give up at lunchtime and come home for the day; it was just way too cold over there. Not good for my health, I'm thinking.

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