Monday, April 27, 2009

More video

Performance from Music Camp 2008.

Ah, goats. Video from a walk through the woods back to our room at the camp in Sepopa last week.

Monday, April 06, 2009

God being God

So, despite the fact that it was Palm Sunday the next day, Rob and decided on Saturday to visit a new church, the Village Church, just down the road from our house. We'd been meaning to visit for a while but just hadn't picked a day.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Maun, a lady named Marion was missing her flight back to Jamaica. This meant that she would unexpectedly be in Maun for another couple of days. She would also be visiting the Village Church that Sunday.

Go back in time to 1995: I'm at a discipleship training school at the YWAM base in Haiti. Marion comes to the base that winter to help a mutual friend of ours, Jason, return to Jamaica after recurring bouts of malaria. I knew her briefly, haven't seen her since.

Flash forward to now: You guessed it… we're talking about the same Marion. How rocking cool is that! After an ecstatic reunion, where we marveled at the odds, I found myself driving home saying, “I can't believe I just ran into Marion from my YWAM Haiti days, here in Maun!” I had to stop myself because, you know what? I can believe it. Such is the sense of fun of God.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Change of plans

Flooding may change our travel plans for 2 weeks from now. The lodge we booked in Sepopa is flooded out, inaccessible. Sigh.

For more local news, click HERE. Though we did also make international news HERE.

picture from Voice of America news

This isn't a picture of Botswana but it is representative of what is happening just north of us in the Delta. We haven't driven up to check it out, for obvious reasons. But those same floods are headed our way within the next month or so. We live on the southern edge of the floodplain but not on the river itself. We weren't ritzy enough to afford the nice, riverfront property. Now, thankful to be living up on a dry, dusty termite mound, us.

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