Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hebrew Helps

Well, they've helped me, anyhow. I think intentionally composing songs with the paradigms helped me think about them enough that they stuck. However, if you want to get the most out of these, here are some composition tips to keep in mind:

- Pitch relates to stress. So, stressed syllables (including one where the meteg serves to keep qamets stressed on a first syllable) have higher pitch than others.
- Pitch can also signify shewa; the pitch is a bit lower for shewa syllables because I think of them as being extra-unstressed.
- Paqad: word order is all single forms, 3-2-1 person, in the first verse, all plural forms in the second
- Who Hem Hemaw: each person gets a verse, starting with 3-2-1, though both 3M and 3F get a verse (M at a lower general pitch than F)

You can reach the folder where I will post any helps I come up with by clicking here or by following this link:

For pride's sake, I should add that I threw these together with Garageband, using only loops on hand, so these are demo quality. Maybe when I get free time again (i.e. post-grad school) I'll release a final master. :)

The folder today contains the 2 songs and a little video I did for Ross Ch 11 vocab, using material from the following free podcast of all of Ross vocab spoken:

Also, any iFlash (Mac software only, sorry) users out there? Because I'm building as I go an iFlash flashcard set of Ross vocab, the current iteration of which (up to Ross Ch 12) is also in this folder.

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