Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The test results are in

Apparently, I have low iron, impacted sinuses (because of allergies) an underactive thyroid and fluid around one of my ovaries (that's what they were looking at!). So, I'll be taking Chromagen FORTE for a bit, see if I can get my iron stores up. I got some Aller-C for allergies and a blend of herbs and nutrients for thyroid support. They also suggested that I go dairy and wheat free, which I think I'll try to do.

As for the fluid around the ovary, they aren't sure what that was but they say it's not a big deal. I guess I'll just do the thyroid and iron thing for a bit, see how that works out.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A good weekend

The drive to Potlatch was uneventful, which is always nice. We had a full Sunday; potluck at Community Presbyterian in Potlatch and a "Reclaiming the Great Commission" synod discussion at Emanuel Lutheran in Moscow, lead by Bishop Martin.

It was great to see Larry, Suzanne and the "little people" again. Monday, we went through some of our stuff in their basement during the day and went to dinner at Wes Callihan's.

Nice dinner, nice family. Wes and his daughter Emily do online teaching of Greek, Latin and more ... wowsa! Great for homeschoolers. And, I suppose, great for a lot of people who mightn't be able to biff off to school somewhere.

We drove back today, again uneventfully. Well, maybe a near rear-ending of someone who didn't bother to signal before totally stopping to make a left. Sigh. But all's well that end's well ... and we didn't end at all today.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

change of plans

We're going to Potlatch, ID today, at about noon. Found out yesterday that they're having a potluck tomorrow with a missions focus and we're their featured missionaries for these last 2 months so we thought it would be neat to actually be there, give an update on Rob's Africa trip.

Also, that's where Larry (Rob's brother) is the pastor and we've been storing our winter clothes in their basement. And it's 60 degrees out there today. And I'm freezing!

It's about a 5 and a half hour trip out to Potlatch from here. I have a book to read on the way and some knitting, for when the book makes me carsick on the loopy winding turns in the mountains. I'm just finishing laundry now so that I have clothes to pack for the trip. Just got out of my PJs and into freshly washed jeans and shirt; nice and warm ... mmmmm! Now I need warm socks to match.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Yes, it arrived! I nearly wet myself laughing (in my heart) when I looked at the picture. I had it done onsite so I didn't get a chance to really get a good look at the picture before it was sent off with the application. Well, it just may be the best picture I've ever taken ... period. Check it out!

Hopefully I can recreate this look when I'm travelling so that I'll be let in and out of countries sans issue.

heading into the weekend

We had a bunch of medical things happening today, ended up being in downtown Seattle from about 8:30AM to after 2PM. Had some blood-work done.

Then, I had an ultrasound.

No, I'm not having one of those. They're trying to figure out what I am having, actually. I could see everything the tech could see while she was working. I just couldn't interpret it. She kept going over the same area of my abdomen, looking at a dark area, trying to get a good look, I guess. I was tempted to ask but could bring myself to do so, somehow. Funny, having blood drawn is easy: you just chit chat with the blood-taking person. Like, they have no idea what's going on with your blood until they test it so there' no point in discussing it with them. But during an ultrasound, you know they must have some idea; it's right there on the screen! So, when they really examine an area, it's hard not to think that something is wrong. Then, she had to go get someone else to look at what she was looking at. They were at it for over an hour, when all was said and done. They're sending me the results as well as my doctor so I should know what's up by early next week. I'll be sure to pass the results along.

Last night, we went to worship team practice at Cross of Christ. Rob will be playing guitar on Sunday but I'll be singing from the pews. It's nice to fill out the sound from another angle, sometimes. Gives the worship time a nice, chewy ambience. I'm getting together a tentative list of available Sundays for us to be at our home church, to send to Erik, who is in charge of worship there. This is Erik:

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


That's where we are now. We're speaking at Pilgrim Lutheran School tomorrow morning, heading back to Woodinville tomorrow afternoon.

We were able to go to our home church, Cross of Christ, this past Sunday. Rob made a slideshow with pictures and music from the Naro choir. I got to sing with Mosaic again, Rob got to play guitar. It was very nice.

Sunday night, we met with our prayer team from Cross of Christ. It was a time of great encouragement and sharing information.

It was a nice drive down. We stopped at Kalama on the way and had rhubarb crisp. Yumm!

We have to come up with our budget for next year this week. That's more of the tough stuff, eh?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Taking care of things

We were in Enumclaw at Trinity Lutheran Church on Sunday, back in time for the cookout in the backyard in the evening. Woke up exhausted yesterday, not feeling so good. I got done as much e-paperwork as I could, then took a half-sick day, did mindless tasks. I'm taking another one today, as far as I can. One of our boxes that we shipped here from SC got lost in the mail so I need to fill out a claim for that with an exact description of contents. Yeah right. And I need to submit our expense report for the trip across the country. And write a newsletter article for the next newsletter. And, oh yeah, unpack ... from our trip across the country.

I did manage to make some crucial appointments yesterday. Found doctors within our PPO plan that we could see to clean up some health issues before going overseas and made appointments for Friday and October 11. Made a hair appointment to shape up my curly mop before we do too much more in the way of speaking stuff. Got Rob an appointment too, even though I normaly cut his hair myself. Our stylist is a prayer partner of ours, someone I used to work with at Vital Nutrition, a vitamin/herbal shop.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hamster derby

I went with some of our little friends to watch their hamster compete in a derby at Petco.
The hamster placed second in the first heat.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Childhood photos

Cannot resist ... these are pretty fun. Me, as a child. These were all taken in Newfoundland.

Eshinee: as a small child
My smile hasn't changed much ...

Eshinee: with friend of brother and brother
... but neither has my "You've got to be kidding me!" face.

Eshinee: with childhood friend, Dori
With little friend, Dori Osmond.

Eshinee: first day of school
John and I, first day of school.

Eshinee: with little sister, Hope
With little sister, Hope.

Eshinee: school photo
A school photo.

Eshinee: leaping to safety
See! I used to engage in risky activities, when I was a wee person. Those are some of my little brothers in the boat.

So tired ...

It's been a pretty full week.

Saturday - went to Bellingham, visited with Rob's folks, had dinner with the extended family in the evening

Sunday - visited Dennis and June's church, Birchwood Presbyterian, and stopped by Connie and Gary's to see their work on one of their houses before heading back down to Woodinville

Monday - had Labor Day lunch with our D&D group, Rob game mastered a murder mystery adventure in the afternoon and early evening

Tuesday - drove to Portland, spent the night with Rachel & Shehan, who I stayed with when I was out here in June for the SW WA synod assembly of the ELCA

Wednesday - went to Portland Lutheran School, I spoke for the elementary school chapel and then Rob spoke for the high school chapel, we hung around at our display table for a few hours until people were all back in class

Today - were presented in chapel at Concordia University, hung out at our display table outside the cafeteria until 2PM and gave a short talk during an Introduction to Christian Ministry course in the afternoon, drove back to Woodinville

And here we are. I got my new driver's license (with my new name) on Monday so I can go apply for my US passport tomorrow ... yay!

And now ... I relax.

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