Friday, September 22, 2006

heading into the weekend

We had a bunch of medical things happening today, ended up being in downtown Seattle from about 8:30AM to after 2PM. Had some blood-work done.

Then, I had an ultrasound.

No, I'm not having one of those. They're trying to figure out what I am having, actually. I could see everything the tech could see while she was working. I just couldn't interpret it. She kept going over the same area of my abdomen, looking at a dark area, trying to get a good look, I guess. I was tempted to ask but could bring myself to do so, somehow. Funny, having blood drawn is easy: you just chit chat with the blood-taking person. Like, they have no idea what's going on with your blood until they test it so there' no point in discussing it with them. But during an ultrasound, you know they must have some idea; it's right there on the screen! So, when they really examine an area, it's hard not to think that something is wrong. Then, she had to go get someone else to look at what she was looking at. They were at it for over an hour, when all was said and done. They're sending me the results as well as my doctor so I should know what's up by early next week. I'll be sure to pass the results along.

Last night, we went to worship team practice at Cross of Christ. Rob will be playing guitar on Sunday but I'll be singing from the pews. It's nice to fill out the sound from another angle, sometimes. Gives the worship time a nice, chewy ambience. I'm getting together a tentative list of available Sundays for us to be at our home church, to send to Erik, who is in charge of worship there. This is Erik:

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