Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The test results are in

Apparently, I have low iron, impacted sinuses (because of allergies) an underactive thyroid and fluid around one of my ovaries (that's what they were looking at!). So, I'll be taking Chromagen FORTE for a bit, see if I can get my iron stores up. I got some Aller-C for allergies and a blend of herbs and nutrients for thyroid support. They also suggested that I go dairy and wheat free, which I think I'll try to do.

As for the fluid around the ovary, they aren't sure what that was but they say it's not a big deal. I guess I'll just do the thyroid and iron thing for a bit, see how that works out.

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Anonymous said...

Darling Eshinee o' mine! How are you? Sorry to hear about all of the mess with the medical stuff. I'm glad I made Rachel give me your blog again. I can semi-stalk you! Woohoo! :)

Sorry it didn't work out for you to swing by my place, I would have loved to host you two.

Talk to you soon!

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