Saturday, September 23, 2006

change of plans

We're going to Potlatch, ID today, at about noon. Found out yesterday that they're having a potluck tomorrow with a missions focus and we're their featured missionaries for these last 2 months so we thought it would be neat to actually be there, give an update on Rob's Africa trip.

Also, that's where Larry (Rob's brother) is the pastor and we've been storing our winter clothes in their basement. And it's 60 degrees out there today. And I'm freezing!

It's about a 5 and a half hour trip out to Potlatch from here. I have a book to read on the way and some knitting, for when the book makes me carsick on the loopy winding turns in the mountains. I'm just finishing laundry now so that I have clothes to pack for the trip. Just got out of my PJs and into freshly washed jeans and shirt; nice and warm ... mmmmm! Now I need warm socks to match.

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Anonymous said...

Totally not related to your post - I got asked to be a Greek TA! :-) Yay! I'm definately accepting that one. Got any tips? Oh, and did they charge you rent to stay in the apts. over the summer?

- Rachel

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