Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The newmie

This is a before shot, from last Friday. In keeping with traditional before/after sequences, I nearly posted one from my recent wisdom teeth surgery but I think everyone has seen enough of those. I figured that a ponytail shot is fair since this is how I was wearing it most of the time.

This shot was taken in the car on the way home. I love it! Michelle does such great work, I'm always happy with it. She's based in Redmond and I can email you her phone number if you ask.

Do hair

I have an appointment with Michelle to get my hair cut today (3PM). I've decided, after some time spent at, that I need wide bangs, swept to my right side. So, as of late afternoon today, I'll be able to post a picture of the new me.

Monday, January 29, 2007

The latest on Namibia

Just got an email from Shawn, whom I'll be working with in Namibia. Here's the latest:

* They're working in-country to get invitations from the Lutheran bishop for our visa application but that's on hold until the end of February as the bishop is out of the country right now.
* My primary task on the KKG translation team will be in exegetical review. That'll be mornings and most afternoons; some afternoons will have to be spent working on figuring out which project I'll be moving to long-term.
* The Boylans will be flying to the US on June 19. If we arrive there at the end of April or in early May, I'll have at least a month to work with him before he jets.

And that's the skinny. Here are the Boylans:

Click on their picture to go to their LBT site.

Medically sound

We managed to find a doctor to fill out our medical certification for our Namibia visa and he was able to see us this morning. Also had to have him x-ray our chest to prove that we don't have tuberculosis. Ugh. Nice guy though; Dan Phan, office in Lynnwood. We had a great time with him.

We're on the couch in the basement here in Woodinville, now, doing paperwork, phone calls and emailing. Dinner was simple to fix, just thrown in a pot. Chicken Posole, breakfast of champions.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Readying for commissioning

Working from the library this morning, though I think we're headed back to the house this afternoon. Rob is writing thank you cards. I'm working on my "sharing" (during the sermon slot) for our commissioning service, on February 4. BTW, if you're in the Seattle area and would like to come to either of the commissioning services, here's the details:

Date: February 4, 2007
Time: 9:30AM and 11:00AM
Place: Cross of Christ Lutheran Church
411 156th Avenue Northeast
Bellevue, Washington 98007

Thursday, January 18, 2007


This is a fun article; about Macs being used by the Masai. Click the title of this blog to check it out.


FYI, the surgery did not happen this morning. My cycle became a 27 day one, rather than a 25 day, making this the worst day possible to have the surgery. So, we rescheduled for February 1. Here's a faq on hysteroscopic resection of polyps.

Instead, we're getting some photocopying done and picking up card stock for the children's craft that we're doing on Sunday. Barely got out of the driveway; only succeeded with Kate's help. It still took almost half an hour of spinning wheels and pushing. But, we did it. I got slushy mud on the front of my pants but was eager enough to be out in the world again that I didn't go back and change. It's dried now to a crusty beige spray on my left leg, near the ankle. Looks kind of trendy, really.

I think we'll have lunch in town, probably Mongolian Grill. Probably boil pinto beans for dinner. I sure do love pinto beans, with fresh cilantro, monterey jack cheese and a squeeze of lime. Yum!

We're driving to Bellingham on Saturday, staying until Tuesday.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow day

That's the view here today. Rob and I are setting up at the kitchen table to work. We neither get nor want snow days, actually. Too much to do. The only thing a snow day does for us is trap us in the house. At least we got groceries for dinner before the snow hit yesterday.

Here's the latest on my health thingys; hysterscopic resection surgery is scheduled for a week from today. Dr. Ilika says that I should be fully functional within the couple of days following. She says she often calls a patient the day after to check on them and they're out shopping or running errands, so they can't feel too bad. They'll send the polyps to a lab to make sure it's normal tissue. I'll have to sign a document waiving rights to my polyps once they're removed. Isn't that funny? I had joked about keeping them in a jar, like people keep wisdom teeth. I guess that's not as uncommon an inclination as I had thought.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Now Skype-ready

Click here to Check out Skype. It's going to be my primary international calling thing now. I actually had to use payphones to call the family in Canada prior to Skype; craziness, particularly if something important was going down. Now, I can call unlimitedly in all of North America for $15 a year. Cool, eh? Free download, cheap calls. And people with Skype can call other Skypers on their computer for free, anywhere in the world. Like, if you have Skype, you can call me by clicking on my Skype status button in the sidebar that is shaped like this:

It even lets you know whether I'm available or not. I think I'm going to get the Skype voicemail eventually, definitely when our cellphone numbers expire in May.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Nonny cuteness

We're back in Woodinville. Spoke at a church in Edmonds yesterday. Now, we're at the library, taking care of business.

Oh, and looking at cute pictures of my nephew, Nonny. Must share. He's in Korea with Lily (my sister) and Matthew.

Yup ... no need for me to reproduce. I've already been replicated by this little dude. Note the fascination for the drum, the healthy fear of Santa, the eating of the craft rather than the completion. Ah yes ... Eshinee II lives!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cute in Korean

My sister Lily sent Toni and Liam little outfits from Korea. Aren't they great?

This is our last full day in New Brunswick with Hope's family. Tonight, we're going to the movies with my brother Josh. Then, tomorrow we fly back towards Seattle, spending the night in Toronto.

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