Thursday, January 18, 2007


This is a fun article; about Macs being used by the Masai. Click the title of this blog to check it out.


Mission Mobilizer said...

It's a nice idea, but talk about creating dependency!!! What about local ownership? Do the Masai consider the computers and school theirs? Or, in their eyes, does it belong to someone else?

This sounds like the typical, "I feel guilty. I have lots of money. I'll just throw money at my guilt, rather than work towards solutions to the underlying poverty issues in a culturally appropriate manner."

eshinee said...

Hey, I wouldn't mind being dependent on someone for a brand new MacBook Pro with solar panels for power, if it meant getting a free new MacBook Pro with solar panels. Let's face it ... a new computer, one that is capable of doing the things that need to be done in today's techonlogical circles; when would they ever be able to afford one without some initial outsider investment?

And, speaking of cultural appropriateness, independence is a Western value, not (generally speaking, of course) an African one. They need, Mac has. Why shouldn't Mac share? Rather than feeling dependent, they probably are thinking, "Of course Mac will give us computers. They have computers, we do not. Finally ... Americans are beginning to behave the way truly good people should, sharing their gross excess with their African family."

Best case scenario: the computers and other tech stuff helps the Masai people integrate into the larger global community; some of them, anyway.

Worst case scenario: the Masai people get hooked on making iMovies, listening to iTunes and looking at themselves in iPhoto. One day, all of the computers and peripherals give out and noone has the cash to replace them. If noone has benefitted enough from the Macs to make them part of their Masai future, they return to pre-Mac life and remember their Mac period fondly. Big whoop.

All of this coming from my vast experience of being in Africa, ever. :-P

Peter said...

On another topic entirely, I really love the new template! Where did you get it? Can you make on like it for me, and maintain it and make any changes I might need? I'm willing to be totally dependent on you for it!

eshinee said...
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eshinee said...

Isn't it cool? It's just a blogger template, comes with the new Google type of blog account. I'm actually dependent on them for it. Didn't have to program it and it didn't cost me a thing. Isn't that great? :-P

It's "No. 565", by Douglas Bowman.

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