Thursday, January 18, 2007


FYI, the surgery did not happen this morning. My cycle became a 27 day one, rather than a 25 day, making this the worst day possible to have the surgery. So, we rescheduled for February 1. Here's a faq on hysteroscopic resection of polyps.

Instead, we're getting some photocopying done and picking up card stock for the children's craft that we're doing on Sunday. Barely got out of the driveway; only succeeded with Kate's help. It still took almost half an hour of spinning wheels and pushing. But, we did it. I got slushy mud on the front of my pants but was eager enough to be out in the world again that I didn't go back and change. It's dried now to a crusty beige spray on my left leg, near the ankle. Looks kind of trendy, really.

I think we'll have lunch in town, probably Mongolian Grill. Probably boil pinto beans for dinner. I sure do love pinto beans, with fresh cilantro, monterey jack cheese and a squeeze of lime. Yum!

We're driving to Bellingham on Saturday, staying until Tuesday.

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