Monday, January 29, 2007

The latest on Namibia

Just got an email from Shawn, whom I'll be working with in Namibia. Here's the latest:

* They're working in-country to get invitations from the Lutheran bishop for our visa application but that's on hold until the end of February as the bishop is out of the country right now.
* My primary task on the KKG translation team will be in exegetical review. That'll be mornings and most afternoons; some afternoons will have to be spent working on figuring out which project I'll be moving to long-term.
* The Boylans will be flying to the US on June 19. If we arrive there at the end of April or in early May, I'll have at least a month to work with him before he jets.

And that's the skinny. Here are the Boylans:

Click on their picture to go to their LBT site.

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