Thursday, September 07, 2006

So tired ...

It's been a pretty full week.

Saturday - went to Bellingham, visited with Rob's folks, had dinner with the extended family in the evening

Sunday - visited Dennis and June's church, Birchwood Presbyterian, and stopped by Connie and Gary's to see their work on one of their houses before heading back down to Woodinville

Monday - had Labor Day lunch with our D&D group, Rob game mastered a murder mystery adventure in the afternoon and early evening

Tuesday - drove to Portland, spent the night with Rachel & Shehan, who I stayed with when I was out here in June for the SW WA synod assembly of the ELCA

Wednesday - went to Portland Lutheran School, I spoke for the elementary school chapel and then Rob spoke for the high school chapel, we hung around at our display table for a few hours until people were all back in class

Today - were presented in chapel at Concordia University, hung out at our display table outside the cafeteria until 2PM and gave a short talk during an Introduction to Christian Ministry course in the afternoon, drove back to Woodinville

And here we are. I got my new driver's license (with my new name) on Monday so I can go apply for my US passport tomorrow ... yay!

And now ... I relax.

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