Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Taking care of things

We were in Enumclaw at Trinity Lutheran Church on Sunday, back in time for the cookout in the backyard in the evening. Woke up exhausted yesterday, not feeling so good. I got done as much e-paperwork as I could, then took a half-sick day, did mindless tasks. I'm taking another one today, as far as I can. One of our boxes that we shipped here from SC got lost in the mail so I need to fill out a claim for that with an exact description of contents. Yeah right. And I need to submit our expense report for the trip across the country. And write a newsletter article for the next newsletter. And, oh yeah, unpack ... from our trip across the country.

I did manage to make some crucial appointments yesterday. Found doctors within our PPO plan that we could see to clean up some health issues before going overseas and made appointments for Friday and October 11. Made a hair appointment to shape up my curly mop before we do too much more in the way of speaking stuff. Got Rob an appointment too, even though I normaly cut his hair myself. Our stylist is a prayer partner of ours, someone I used to work with at Vital Nutrition, a vitamin/herbal shop.

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