Thursday, May 15, 2008

Barging on

Work is going well, I think. We missed a couple of days at the end of last week when Sarah had malaria but she told me on Sunday that she'd be fine to come in for work on Monday so I took her word for it. She does seem much improved in her energy levels over last week. She will be working from home tomorrow and each Friday from now on as the bus driver on her route has decide that he will no longer stop in Gabane (the official route is non-stop from Gaborone to Kanye, many miles beyond Gabane) from Friday to Sunday as those are the busiest days. He nearly didn't stop for her today, actually. She said that he seemed to be passing her stop and she, from the back of the bus, was calling out, “Stop! Stop!” He said that he would only drop her at the T-junction to Gabane from now on but other passengers pointed out that she would then have to hitch-hike several kilometers to the bus stop that he drives past anyway so it wouldn't be fair to do that. Ah well. So, he'll take her to the foot of our hill Monday to Thursday and work from home on Friday. It's just as well. She works very fast and it is often hard to keep up with her. I've been sending her home some Thursdays afternoons with work for Friday anyway, back translating work that she can do while I'm entering her translations into the database. That gives me Friday morning to do our run into Gaborone for internet access and other errands that can't be left over the weekend.

Anyway, we're right on schedule for where we should be for having done 6 full days of exegetical checks. I allowed a handful of “buffer days” at the end of my exegetical plan so we've just eaten into a couple of those.

Oh, I also gave her Monday off to go to the installation of the new Wayeyi chief, Shikati Fish Ozoo, into the Botswana House of Chiefs - a historic event, for the whole country. Her aunt is organizing the festivities and accommodation for those coming from the Delta, including Shikati Ozoo, so I'm sure that having Sarah available to help her with that over the next 4 days will be appreciated.

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