Monday, June 02, 2008

Another year older

What an interesting birthday. Had a great time consistently translating the Greek word sodzo as yaka in Shiyeyi, something I've wanted to do ever since finding out that sodzo is translated in many different ways in the whopping majority of English Bibles. The word yaka means 'help someone who wouldn't be able to do/make it without your help' and does have a sense of 'life-saving' to it. Jesus is already referred to in Wayeyi churches as Muyaki, meaning 'Saviour'. Love it. Running with it. Went into town for dinner at Spur. Had hot wings and mini beef kebabs. The waitrons sang me a birthday chant and gave me soft serve with a sparkler on it. I turned 34 shades of red. A good time was had by all. Afterwards, we went for our first choir practice at Maitisong, over at Maruapula School. Sophie, whom we know from Botswana Music Camp last December, invited us to come. They need more voices for a performance of Messiah this October. They especially need bass (i.e. Rob) but can handle more alto (i.e. me). Challenging but also fun. We hope to be able to keep up with it. Now, I'm drinking a new tea blend, 'Quiet Night' by Lipton. Has lime leaves, lavender, orange leaves, chamomile, vanilla and caramel and vanilla flavors in it. Yum. We'll go to bed pretty soon so I'll be fresh for tomorrow. We're heavy into Mark 6 now.

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Abson, Lara, Daniella & Sophie said...

We thought of you on June 2nd, but failed to do what we should have done: wishing you Happy Birthday! We know it is very late, but accept our wishes. May God continue to guide and protect you.

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