Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gaborone trip

We drove to Gabs on Saturday, test drove a Jeep Compass and looked at printers in the afternoon. We also checked out the Toyota Fortuner but didn't get a chance to drive one.

Sunday, we went to the ELCB ordination service in the morning and the ELCB music team braai in the afternoon. It was held at the Stirling family field in Otse. The hill there is lovely and has an endangered vulture sanctuary on the side of it.

Abram, Albert, Rob, William, Ntirelang

Mr. Stirling works the braai

The hill where the vulture sanctuary is

The old blue bakkie, with Otse in the background

Monday, we went to immigration and discovered that new regulations means that we are short 3 supporting pieces of documentation which we'd have to have sent from the States. So, we'll have to get those papers and then drive back to Gabs for round two. After that, we dropped off the InDesign document (Rob did the layout) of the Bible Stories Retold in Shiyeyi to Lydia at the university for her to bring to the printers. In the afternoon, we did more household shopping.

Tuesday morning, we went to an internet spot to send an email to LBT about the missing documents, which took far longer than we expected, given the slowness of internet that day. Then, we drove out to Gabane to pick up our table and chairs, strapped them onto the roof of the car and went to lunch. After that, we hit the road, about 1:30PM. We decided that, given our late start, we'd just drive straight through to Francistown. Just past Palapye, the rainstorm hit. And, boy, did it hit! We then discovered the hard way that the defrost doesn't actually work anymore. I spent the last 2 hours of the trip perched forward on the seat, rubbing the windshield clear from the inside with the wipers on full on the outside. Let's just say that we were thanking God heartily for our safe arrival. And now we have a table and chairs in our room so I can work from home.

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