Monday, July 27, 2009

Mission accomplished

I just finished printing out my companion manual for learning Setswana to a Peace Corps manual that I found online. Rev. Unazo is coming over this afternoon to record the sentences for my abridged versions of cycles 101-163 in this P.C. manual. Yay! Hopefully, this will be of help to people who are coming to Botswana from LBT in the future, who want to get a head start on their language learning before actually setting foot in the country.

Also, we got a load of laundry out this morning. Last night, I was on the phone with Johanna when the water came back on. So, 11:30 at night, I'm starting a load. Rob hung it out when we got up this morning. Making clean while the water flows, if you will. Yes, we are still occasionally running out of water. It had been mostly gone for several days up until last night. And I'm glad I did laundry when I could: it's gone again this morning.

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Rich and Maya said...

We would like to place our order for one.

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