Friday, January 08, 2010

Packing like there's no tomorrow

Well, for me, for packing, there isn't. Co-worker Michael is picking me up at lunch-time and taking me to a week-long workshop in Shakawe. Therefore, I have to have packed all that I'm planning on taking with me to Dallas before I go. The movers are coming to take whatever's left on January 16, which is also the day that I'm due to return from my workshop. From there, we move into a local chalet for 3 nights while we do the final house cleaning and get an inspection done. Then, we start the drive cross-country to where we're flying out. Spending a night in Kang on the way, with Rich & Maya Rudowske and family. The Rudowskes are car-sitting for us while we're away.

The last few things to pack are always the hardest, especially when you're trying to decide what stays and what goes. One of my suitcases is fully packed, not to be added to (it's the perfect flight-weight). The other I hope to finish in the next few hours, just after lunch. Then, once it's weighed, I'll remove some things to put in yet another small suitcase for next week's workshop. Hopefully, I'll return from the workshop fast enough to retransfer things to the real suitcase and give the movers the small one to pack with everything else. Ah, the mayhem.

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