Sunday, June 03, 2007

Happy birthday to me!

Yes, yesterday was my birthday. I spent most of it at the Bellingham Highland Games with Rob; we had a great time. We got to hear the Wicked Tinkers and Maggie's Fury as well as hundreds of bagpipers and a slew of marching pipe bands.

Another cool thing was that I learned that both of my families have Scottish roots. I tracked down tartans for both sides. My father's side, the Smallwoods, come under the Paisley district:

My mother's side, the Starks, are a sept of the Robertson clan:

My great, great grandmother, Julia (mother of Charles William Smallwood), was a Cooper, also with a tartan:

And my great, great, great, great grandmother, Margaret (Magdalen) MacRobie, wife of Captain Joseph Smallwood, also has a tartan, as a sept of the clan Drummond:

Newfoundland has a tartan as well, though:

See how Scottish I am? Check out to see how Scottish you are.

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