Thursday, November 01, 2007

First close call

I was escorting a couple of the Megahans children around on foot at Nswazi Mall and was passing by an ATM in an outdoor hallway on the way to Jubilee dress shop. The Kalanga Bible Translation Project is having a fundraiser tomorrow evening and I'm unsure if anything that I have here to wear would be suitable. So, I was going to see what I could buy from Dr. Mallya's wife and Rob, Peter and Happiness were tagging along for the stroll. As I passed a staircase in a crowded area, a man stepped in front of me onto the side of the staircase, kind of blocking my passage. People behind me were suddenly pressed into me and I kind of stood and waited for him to get out of my way. When we got through the press, Peter pointed out that my purse was open. He said that he and Happiness, who were walking right behind me, had seen a guy open my purse and stick his hand in the outer compartment. Rob was a bit further back and had noticed a guy paying attention to me but hadn't caught exactly what was going on. Peter said another guy behind him had made a noise that probably scared the guys off. Anyway, long story short, they didn't get anything out of my purse. Which is crazy; the place he had his hand is where my passport is. The large central area had my money wallet, my credit card wallet and my cellphone. He didn't grab any of those. Thank God! Lesson learned; the purse goes on the front of my body, flap side in.

And I didn't find a dress that I liked. Nothing that really spoke to me, anyway. I'll make do with what I have lying around for tomorrow, I guess, and go back next week to have something made for church and official wear.

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