Monday, November 12, 2007

more meetings

Between meetings with ELCB people in the morning and running around to RETENG and Kamanakao, I got myself a whopper of a headache, with a side order of nausea. Rob had to take me back to the hotel room where I dosed myself with peppermint, Coke, water, Advil and a dark room. I kind of slept and woke up when he brought me my late dinner, a Greek salad. It was about 9PM at this point. What brought it on? So many plausible culprits; who is to say? Dehydration, hunger (no food or water since about 3PM until 8PM), stress (meeting so many new people with definite impact on my future)… you name it. I felt better after my short nap, though.

Tim's flight came in this evening but his luggage did not.

The hotel has wild kitties everywhere. They're skinny and skittish and they show up where you least expect them.

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