Thursday, March 19, 2009

Backing him up

This morning, we recorded the last of the backing vocals for Rev. Sechele's worship music album. Finally, my vocal quality, lack of bird/bug-noise, not too awful heat without the fan and our schedule coincided to finish this phase of the project. William will be coming in a couple of weeks to hear the result, pick out which parts of my backing vocals he wants to keep and get ready for the final master. This will be the second cd that Rob has worked on in Botswana that will be available commercially, to date. Others may be coming (like the recent ELCB projects) but the Naro choir and William got there first.

We had another Setswana lesson last night. Usually, we're doing Sunday afternoons but Beauty is away this weekend so we squeezed one in yesterday. She is also offering us a freebie Setswana culture lesson, to be fit in sometime next week. Her topic? Spiritual realities, in a specific to Maun context. I'm much looking forward to it. She's a deliverance minister at her church, the Village Church here in Maun, so this is an area in which she has more expertise than your average Setswana teacher… or your average pastor or missionary for that matter, I would imagine.

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