Monday, March 02, 2009

Long time, no post

It's been a wild month and I won't even go into it. We moved into our new place and immediately had to begin work on it, something I never would have expected from a rental property. It's been a bit of an adjustment. From a termite infestation to plumbing that can't handle a washing machine, we've been picking up handyman skills on the fly. I was pretty pleased with myself when I resealed the tub in the bathroom with silicone when it separated from the wall. Rob seems to be getting a charge out of hacksawing fly screens to fit the windows.

It's an odd phase we're in right now. After being here for over a year, we're starting to settle in. That means having to take time to do things that don't really feel work-related and having to think of them as work so we don't get frustrated at having to spend a seemingly inordinate amount of time doing them each day. Like, getting a washing machine working. We have to wash our clothes, right? If we have nowhere to wash our clothes, we'll be too dirty to go out in public. Therefore, before we can get back to business as usual, we have to get a washing machine working. It took 5 hours one day to actual buy it and get it home (don't ask). The next day, we spent a couple of hours trying to jury-rig fittings to make it work with our plumbing. The next day, we had to go back for more fittings. Those leaked so I siliconed them, waited a day for that to dry. Still leaked so, when we get back to Maun next week, have to go at the plumbing fittings thing again. Feels like a lot of fussing about but I keep telling myself that, hey, if we'd been doing this when we first got to Botswana, I would have been accepting this as just part of the settling in process. It's the lateness of it all that makes it seems like an interruption, rather than a natural course of things.

In other news, Rob had a recording session tonight, at a Spiritual Healing church, Kalanga and Setswana songs. And we should be picking up our Jeep tomorrow. Yay! We have our new license plate number already.

Also, I have a power cord for my computer again. I had been without one for a few weeks. It cut into my online time significantly since I had to share Rob's when we went into to town to get email. Hence, way low on the blog posting.

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