Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Summer arrives

Yes, it's officially summer again. I put clothes on the line and it dried in just a couple of hours. Our computers start to choke up after a few hours of running them. We're having to monitor the internal temp of our laptops constantly, so we don't burn out the hard drive. I put a bunch of old (tops removed) soda cans in the freezer with a little water in them, for making cold drinks out of room temperature water - a luxury on most days, a necessity on others. Made a pasta salad at lunch time so we don't have to eat hot food at dinner time, when the house is at its hottest. Am wearing the lightest article of clothing I own, a little cotton sundress that I picked up at an open market in Gaborone. I regress to this garment most days in the summer, after a morning of being able to wear anything else. Ah, summer.

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