Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In recovery

I'm still not feeling too well but I saw the doctor this morning and my lungs are clear: yay! I'm keeping it low key here at Kate and Dave's place. They're gone camping this week so we're housesitting and taking care of the pets. Rob is currently at a speaking thing at Cross of Christ Lutheran Church in Bellevue. I'm not with him because the doctor said to not be around kids if I could help it. Boy, I hope I'm well in time for our next speaking thing on Tuesday. It's a singing thing, actually, so I really need my voice and breathing back.


B Spidey said...


Could you please update your itinerary to include what city each church that you are visiting is in--or else direct me to what I've missed.

I live in Seattle and would like to see specifically where you are going.
Beth Berner

Eshinee Veith said...

Hi, Beth - The blue links were supposed to be clickable for more information but it looks like they're not working as I expected; sorry about that. I have now updated the event titles to show city and state. Thanks for making me aware that the calendar wasn't functional.

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