Monday, August 23, 2010

Zimfest 2010

Zimfest was this last weekend, in Corvallis, OR. What a great time! I learned a few new songs on marimba as well as some children's songs and games from Zimbabwe. Rob took mbira classes. We both did a new instrument, chipendani. It's a kind of split bow that is played with plucking and resonating in the mouth. Yes, just as tricky as it sounds.

In related big news: I bought a marimba, from MarimbaWorks! Just a little soprano one, without legs. But it fits nicely in the car and I can practice on it, for when I go back to Botswana. So excited!

We're also having a great time staying with our friend Johanna, from college. Next weekend, we're off to Redding for a speaking thing at Trinity Lutheran Church and to visit with Johanna's folks there as well.

I'm feeling much better these days; still have some head congestion but my lungs are clear and I'm not as fatigued as I was. Yay!

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