Monday, February 21, 2011

Facts of life

If you track this blog, you'll notice that a bunch of posts appeared this morning, albeit predating today. That's because I'm trying to keep making blog entries, even if it's difficult for me to get online. Rich and Maya Rudowske are graciously allowing us to use their laptop and internet connection when we ask to take care of business, which we are trying to do a couple of times a week.

Our internet problem is that the USB internet dongle that most people use when they can't get DSL in their home doesn't work with a Mac; the dongles are Windows only. Sigh. There is a solution that will work for us but in order to sign up for the service on the device that does work with a Mac, we need to provide the Mascom office with certified copies of our lease... which, not having a new lease yet, we can't do. Double sigh. So, this blog will be sporadic until we sign the lease on our new place, which can only happen once we find a new place. Our hope and prayer is that we'll be able to move in somewhere at the end of March. And no sooner will the ink have dried on the lease than we will have obtained certified copies thereof and applied for the Mascom Mi-Fi system. Regular net again! 'Twill be nice.

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