Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Time in D'kar

I've been in D'kar since yesterday, visiting with the Naro Language Project. They are finalizing their Bible translation this year, Lord willing, and were sharing with the Shekgalagari Bible Translation Committee the joys and challenges of the work. Hessel even gave us a demo of Paratext 7, which is being used in the checking process.

We will be leaving D'kar sometime this afternoon and returning to Kang, hopefully getting back by nightfall. I have been able to do emailing this morning, for the first time in a long time from my own computer. Ah, the little things.

Next week, we go back to Maun for househunting and the BOMU Awards concert, where Rob will be playing guitar and I'll be singing backing vocals for William Sechele (a.k.a. Kenny Williams). We'll be performing either "On My Own" or "I Believe".

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Jane said...

Shiyeyi on Facebook is great. Soundclick is great resource too.
Jane at LBTC, Kitchener Canada

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