Monday, January 09, 2012

Trying to make microblogging more macro

I've learned a new word this week: microblogging. That is the sharing of snippets of info and daily life via status updates, such as on Facebook or Twitter. And I've realized that microblogging is actually where I'm at these days, rather than standard blogging. Just read down this page, check out the dates; you'll see what I mean.

I've been doing the Facebook status update thing for several years now, at least once a day. I even found an app that allows me to share my thoughts on what I'm reading on Twitter with a few taps of the iPod screen. Now, I've discovered and created The Exegette, my own media newspaper created from microblogging content. Look to the right of this post, in the sidebar - there it is!

So, even if I am not getting around to having anything more fleshy or pithy to say here on the Dancing Sni, folks can still read a little something-something without having to check all the different sites where I post stuff.

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