Thursday, July 13, 2006

Current events

It's been a pretty straightforward bunch of days, nothing to write home about (or blog home about, as the case may be). Rob is enjoying his conference very much. I went to Incarnation Lutheran on Sunday with Rachel and John, 2 of the Greek students. There was a service on campus in the evening. Weirdest thing: I'm finding it impossible to remember what I did Sunday afternoon. Hmmm.

The students had a quiz on Monday morning. They will have another quiz tomorrow morning. That will finally get them onto the "quizzes on Fridays" schedule. I think that's a good idea as it might give them at least a sense that they could take a day off on the weekend. Somehow, with an impending test on Mondays, it just doesn't seem like one can relax. But, if you finished a test on Friday, the weekend can be a weekend, in some way. Now, I know there will be those who barge on through, studying every day regardless. But they don't have to do so because of an immediately impending test. I used to take Saturdays off, altogether.

I'm back to the "not sleeping" thing. Though it's not as bad as when he was in Africa. At least I get to talk to him on the phone every day.

I was kind of sickesque on Wednesday, an odd thing. It felt like there was something moving inside my forehead. It hurt a little and things felt tight and fuzzy. I ended up taking an Advil with lunch and rubbing peppermint on my forehead repeatedly. A little conventional medicine, a little traditional medicine. Nothing like keeping one's bases covered, eh? The combo did the trick, which is a good thing since I can't do allergy meds; they make my heart race. And that can't be good. Anyhow, I felt better by about 2:30PM. I took it easy all yesterday afternoon and felt great when I got up this morning.

I've watched a few movies and things in the evenings, since I'm solo. One of my students lived through Hurricane Katrina and we talked about that while I was going over Greek stuff with her after small group. She lent me a documentary DVD on the news coverage; excellent. It was neat to see what the news coverage was in Biloxi leading up to, during and after. Really gave a well-rounded presentation. So, while I'm sure I still have no idea what it's like to go through one, at least I have the facts and an overall impression of what happened.

I also watched The Phantom of the Opera, something that Rob has no interest in seeing but that I've been wanting to watch for a while.

Then, I watched Brides of Christ (a BBC miniseries about a convent; great stuff). I think I'd seen most of it before but it made me cry, in a girlish, satisfying sort of way.

Last night, I watched Missing, about a journalist who disappears during a South American coup. Morbid movie, can't say I really recommend it.

I also developed a fairly comprehensive Greek verb indicative formation and English translation rule sheet, for students to employ when getting used to recognizing verb inflection patterns. I'm putting a jpg of that on my exegettes blog.

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