Sunday, July 23, 2006

Last week

We did have a little excitement, enough to keep me from blogging but not enough to blog about.

Rob arrived home on Sunday (last Sunday), driving on the donut. The tire, the one that had been leaky-like while he was away, finally went flat, in the parking lot at the airport in Charlotte. We got a friend to bring us to the Firestone on Tuesday and back to pick the car up on Wednesday. I had several outside of class tutoring sessions during the week as we were learning participles. Ah, Greek participles. And on Wednesday night, Rob and I were going to do music for a mid-week praise & worship time for Summer Greekers. Turned out that only 3 of us showed up (again, participle week ...) but it was refreshing anyhow.

Friday night, we had students over to watch Firefly episodes. I helped a friend move on Saturday morning, went to lunch with her at noon and spent the afternoon with students, at Hobby Lobby and Walmart. Then, Rob and I played Neverwinter Nights in the evening. Today, we went to Resurrection Lutheran Church here in Columbia and had lunch at the Rosewood Market on the way home. We now have a new source for our Reed's ginger brew.

We picked up some ph testing strips at the market, to try to get Rob alkaline and maybe make his uric acid crystals in his big toe joint dissolve. We got him alkaline by about 9PM. He should stay that way all night, I would imagine. Just to see what would happen, I took a little (1/2 tsp) baking soda in water myself. Bad idea. I started to feel shaky and fluffy. I checked my urine; too alkaline. So, I ate some cheese to get acidic again. I'm fine now. But I certainly won't try that again.

One of Rob's tasks for tomorrow, now that he's not sick anymore (he was sick most of last week with some sinus thing) is to "professionalize" a design for the Summer Greek T-shirt, done by one of the students. Then, we'll put it on for students to buy whatever items they want.

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