Monday, July 31, 2006

Trip to the Greek Orthodox church

Instead of our afternoon small group, we visited the local Greek Orthodox church, got a tour from Father Aris. Very cool. The pictures will speak now.

the Summer Greek T.A.'s
Ryan and I had done "the tour" last year, but as students.

Two doctor-saints
Phil is also a doctor; that's why this is such a cool picture.

Grumpy Jesus
Ryan and I particularly enjoyed the "Little Grumpy Jesus" window (not its real title, I assure you).

concrete prayer
forms of physical prayer

Father Aris demonstrates the censer
Father Aris demonstrates the censer

Father Aris with the Summer Greekers

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Great pictures! Oh, Little Grumpy Jesus, please smile for us. . . :)

I'm going to miss you when you go to Africa. Good ol' Blogger will come in handy, as I look forward to reading about the happenings in your life!

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