Saturday, November 04, 2006

Safe and sound

Rob made it to the Hunger Symposium in Belfair and back, despite the nasty weather that doubled his travel time. Flooded roads and all, I hear. We were on iChat earlier, catching up.

I'm in my dorm room, in Dallas. Realizing now that I hadn't actually been in any of the dorm rooms when we lived here, back in the fall of 2004. We lived across the street, in the Zuni St apartments. I'm online so all is well. A friend of ours from when we'd been here before picked me up at the airport, Emma. She also took me to get groceries before bringing me to my room. I had kind of forgotten how there's nothing to eat here on campus and you can't walk anywhere in Dallas. But I now have a bunch of bananas, a bag of apples, some yogurt drinks and a container of ruby red grapefruit juice. Oh, and a bunch of rice cakes. That should last me until the cafeteria opens on Monday.

Also, I'm going to Cedar Pointe Church tomorrow. They meet here on campus as their permanent building is still being built. Bill Leckie is the pastor I talked about in our most recent newsletter, in my "Wait Training" article. Looking forward to seeing the CP churchfolks again.

Here I am, in my dorm room. I took the picture with PhotoBooth by clicking the photo button and running to the bed across the room to sit down.

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