Monday, August 27, 2007


My sister, Hope, is doing really well. Some tenderness and irritation around the sutures but she's able to get out and around a bit.

I, on the other hand, have developed phlebitis in my little vein thingy in my foot. Normally, the bubbly vein goes flat when I raise my leg above the heart. On Sunday, it stopped going flat. In fact, it's kind of turgid. I called my vascular doc in Bellingham today. The nurse on duty said it's a phlebitis, not likely to be clot-related, probably from some sort of impact. I don't remember banging my foot at all. Anyway, it's freaky. I'm calling tomorrow to see about getting an appointment with my vascular doc for as soon as I get back from Canada. I'm doing the compression stocking and even took an ibuprofen, for inflammation. Gotta get rid of this thing. Not looking forward to getting back on a plane like this. Will be taking vitamin E, vitamin C, fish oil, copper and folic acid over the next week to try to heal it up pre-flight.

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