Monday, February 25, 2008

The big move

We'll be moving soon into our “own place”. By “own place”, I mean a house owned by LBT here in Francistown that is about to be vacated by a family when they move to South Africa. We'll squat there until we get a permanent assignment outside of Francistown, whether that be in Namibia or somewhere else in Botswana, closer to a language group that needs an exegete.

It's not fully furnished and so we'll need to figure out what will be there when they leave and how little we can get away with buying to make the place liveable. The Knights return on March 3 so we need to be out of here by then. Depending on when the family vacates the LBT house completely, we may have some days to spend at the Megahans while we wait for them to finish their move.

Also, they're leaving a car. Yay! So we'll be mobile again, able to travel long distances for work.

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