Monday, February 04, 2008

Sick day 2

I'm not sure what the deal is but I'm not functioning well today at all. I woke up with chest pains that worsen when I breathe. I'm a bit better now but it still catches me from time to time. I'm pretty sure is postural but having a hard time fixing it. Rob has done all he knows to do, as have I. Plus, there was a mosquito in the room that bit me before I fell asleep. I felt the itch and had to get up, get some repellant oils diffusing next to the bed and turn on the A/C. A/C is supposed to slow mosquito activity, I've read. I also completely got under my sheet, no skin exposed. I could hear it buzzing but it couldn't get me. I woke up a few times during the night, probably because it's hard to breathe under a sheet. But I was too tired to get up and find the mosquito net to use that and didn't want to wake Rob. I may go ahead and set that up today, even though we really don't have much of a mosquito problem in this neck of the woods (or lack thereof, I suppose). Malaria is usually only an issue in the northwest, up by the Okavango Delta. Still, on nights like last night, when the buzzing goes on and on and one of the buggers does get you, a net would be worth it, if only for the good night's sleep. At least my head isn't driving me nuts today, even if I'm achy and groggy as all get out.

Ah well, a sick day isn't too big a deal. It's not like I have any pressing business today. There's no real deadline on the data entry. I'm working on inventorying documents but have only gotten feedback from 2 of my colleagues on their sorting preferences so can't really go any further on that. The preferences were for only the most general of sorts, which I've already done. I'm waiting for some emails to be returned so I know how to continue on Shiyeyi data entry. I just got our December list of donors just over a week ago so I'm writing people personal thank yous. However, after my rough night last night, I can barely think so writing legibly and easily won't be possible until I get rested again.

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