Thursday, November 12, 2009

Moving ahead

I wrote my GRE exam on Monday and it went very well. I like that they give you the results for the verbal and quantitative section immediately, so you don't have to go away wondering how you did, for the most part. Now, almost all the arrangements have been made for the first leg of our home leave in 2010. All that remains to to finalize a car plan for Texas, schedule speaking things for the the last half of the year and get a car arranged for the speaking tour. We're talking to an organization in Indiana that specializes in providing transportation for missionaries and full-time church workers; looks promising.

Rob had a recording session on Saturday that went well, despite some equipment snafus. His main choral mic has been acting up, these last 2 recording sessions, making a sort of popping noise. Time for a technical checkup - he'll have to send his mics for tune-up, make sure everything is in tiptop condition before we return. It's a good thing we're going back now, now that his gear is needing attention.

Just made a schedule for our last 10 weeks here - hard to believe it's only 10 weeks before we fly! Have to get everything packed to move out. And almost 4 of those weeks are completely booked, with us having to physically be somewhere other than staying in our own home, making multi-tasking impossible. But we've packed in shorter times before so we should be alright.

Did I mention recently that it is hot here? The weirdest thing: we woke up this morning to the smell of rain and a cool breeze blowing through the living room window. Yet, when we looked outside, not a raincloud in sight. Now, the smell is gone with nothing to show for it. What was that all about?!? The weather forecast is for rain this weekend but I would gladly have taken it a day or 2 earlier. Sticky, me.

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