Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Packing prep

Been doing some packing this morning. It really is tricky, trying to figure out what should come back to the U.S with us and what should stay here. Like, as far as clothing goes, we've agreed (Rob & I) that we'll each bring enough clothes for a week, plus a few church-worthy items. The rest will remain here as our plan is to buy some new stuff to replace the things that are wearing out. Most of Rob's shoes are wearing through the soles. And my everpresent red shoes have seen far better days - I need new casual shoes that can multi-task as professional.

One weirdness that I discovered this morning - a fair number of my underwear items have gone missing. I know this because I counted what was one hand this morning and certain notable items are not among the items available. I can't say for sure where they might have gone. My current theory is that they walked out of my suitcase during one of our hotel stays in Gaborone. That's all I can figure since our clothesline isn't accessible by those outside the gate. Just weird.

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Marco said...

That's hilarious about the underwear items. One of my constant fears when I travel (since I usually stay with friends) is that I'll leave a pair of dirty underwear in their shower, or guest bedroom, or something. I'm always afraid of returning home with fewer pairs than I started out with, and having to imagine what inappropriate places they might have gotten lost in.

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