Friday, March 09, 2007

Day off

We're taking it easy today since we're working long days tomorrow and Sunday. We're going to be speaking Seattle, driving 4 hours to our next spot, then speaking at 2 places on Sunday before driving back Sunday afternoon. So, today I'm working on non-pressing, quasi-fun things.

Some of today's tasks have included (and will include):
☞ printing a return label for some shoes that we bought but are returning
☞ buying material to make headphone covers for Rob
☞ researching Indian clothing patterns and shopping places
☞ adding a library to this blog so folks can see all the books that I have in my library (in the sidebar)
☞ finishing a load of laundry
☞ catching up on Survivor: Fiji and, if there's a new episode, Grey's Anatomy
☞ having a fun lunch

We're at the library in Redmond today, rather than the one that's just a few minutes from our place. Change of pace.

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