Wednesday, March 07, 2007

In other news

We were supposed to go to a church in Okanogan this past weekend but we didn't because the forecast for a section of our route was freezing rain from Friday to Sunday evening. Too scary. So we talked to the pastor and he's going to see if we can visit that church as well as his other church on the same day, this upcoming weekend. The weather has been a lot milder this week so I'm not anticipating any unpleasant surprises. Will check the weather later on though.

Our major task this morning was to work on our wills. Can't leave the country without doing so, not responsibly. We've got a fair handle on it. We just need to make some lists of the particulars (guitars, special personal items and the like) so people don't need to figure that out without us.

Tonight, Rob doesn't have a Vigilants band practice so we'll both be going to Cross of Christ's Lenten Wednesday night events. That includes supper, a service and an art experience with Cross of Christ's artist-in-residence.

We're also working on a new presentation for the church we're going to in a week and a half. It includes a rationale for missions in general along with our usual presentation materials.

And we're working from the library this afternoon, as you can see.

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