Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fender ender

No, we weren't involved in this particular pileup on I-90, through Snoqualmie Pass. But that same troublesome snow made it as as far as our neck of the woods last night and Rob got caught out in it. Oh, and while he was driving (slowly) home, the car slid on a patch of snow/ice/something into another car. The other car (an SUV) sustained a broken bumper. From the report of the towtruck that came to drag our car to somewhere where it could be assessed for damage, our car is totalled. Of course, an actual assessor will be assessing that within the next couple of days. In the meantime, friends have offered us a car to borrow to get to our speaking thing this weekend, out in Okanogan, WA.

So, the story of Rob's accident is a long one, complicated by dead cellphones, chilly temps and shock. And today I'm too wiped to tell it. And I wasn't really there so I probably wouldn't tell it right. Long story short: there were many accidents last night in our area (60 in Everett alone) and Rob was in one of them. He walked away with just a broken nail and a gouge on his hand. He thinks the 2 are related but he doesn't remember for sure.

Prayer Points
➀ That God's will would be done with our car. Does He want us to not have our car at this point? Does He want it to be fixable and back to us soon? We don't know but He does.
➁ That everyone would be totally healthy (emotionally, physically, etc.), both in Rob's car and in the other car that was involved in the accident. The other car had a guy and his 2 teenage daughters in it.
➂ That we would have safe driving on our travels to churches. We are so close to actually moving to Namibia for full-time ministry!
➃ A big "Thanks be to God!" for Rob's walking away from this one.

The big hero of the night? Our friend Eric lives near the scene of the accident and drove all over to find Rob and provide him with the warmth of a car while dealing with accident things. He also let Rob hang out at his place while waiting for the tow.

What has 2 thumbs and rocks? This guy:

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