Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Snow day, again?

Disproportionately high number of days of snow this winter, out here in the overcast northwest. It's coming own and it's threatening to stick, at least for the day. Keeps us from exiting our driveway, anyhow. Hopefully it will melt enough for Rob to make it to band practice tonight and for me to make it to a Lent Soup Supper somewhere. I'm thinking of checking out the Wooden Cross Lutheran just down the street. The interim pastor there used to be an interim pastor at our home church, Cross of Christ.

Went to Trinity Lutheran in Mount Vernon, WA on Sunday. We were there pretty much all day; service in the morning, lunch with the pastor and his family, afternoon jam session with his band. A good time had by all. I played drum kit for 2 hours! My legs were jello.

We had our first business meeting with each other Monday morning. Rob and I have sort of been wondering what each other does all day and not always knowing who's responsible for what. Then, we're surprised if it doesn't get done. Well, no more! We divided our life into categories, delegated categories, delineated tasks in each categories, divvied up weekly task between the 2 of us. I'll let you know how that works out. I'm feeling more confident in my efforts so far, let's say that.

Though I've been remembering things we should have covered since Monday. Gotta list those so we don't overlook them again.

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