Thursday, February 22, 2007


So I went to see Dr Ilika for a post-op check-up yesterday and got good news. Here's the skinny:
☻ The fact that my last period (last week) was my most pain-free one ever is probably a really good sign, since the first one post-op is usually worse than the subsequent ones. Praise God!
☻ Structurally, I appear to be sound. Any symptoms I had related to the polyps should not occur since there are no more polyps. Praise God!
☻ The polyps were tested and were benign. Praise God!

I can now biff off to Africa with a clean bill of reproductive health and, hopefully, regaining a day or two of productivity every month. Isn't it funny that benign and malignant both sound exactly like what they mean?

She did give me the photos she'd taken of my endometrium, before and after shots of the polyp sites, but I'll have to scan those in before I can post them.

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