Monday, February 05, 2007

Watching for watches

I'm looking at a new watch since my old one had both the band falling apart and the battery die in the last year. It would cost about $15 to get a new band, if I could find one (about $10), and a battery (about $5, maybe plus a replacement fee, if they charge for that kind of thing where we get the battery). And I react to watchstraps that aren't leather. Timex Expedition leather straps are the ones I've had good success with for the last decade so I'm probably going to stick with those. But, if I go ahead and get a new Timex Expedition watch, saving myself the hours of driving from one watch-store to another seeking the right strap, here is the one online that I thought looked like a good replacement:

Timex T403019J

The key is the dark, neutral leather watch band, small face with actual numbers on it, silver metal casing, Indiglo night light and water resistance. Anyway, still deciding what to do on the watch thing. Just exploring options, is all. I hate to get rid of a perfectly good watch body. I guess I still have time to decide. [smile]

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