Monday, July 02, 2007

How low can you go?

Does it seem like we're in limbo? Well, that's because we are. Rob and I are still waiting for an update on what our next steps will be to get us closer to a Namibia departure. And be assured that we will update you as soon as we have information.

So, what are we doing in the meantime? That varies from day to day. Here are some of our projects of late:
❂ Rob has been working with his recording gear. We put down some tracks for a musical collaboration that he's been into with a drummer that he met online. We finished up some voiceover work for a game that we like to play, for another online friend, Adam Miller. For this, Rob has been using his new audio gear that he'll be using in the field. He set up in a house that we house-sat for a few days last week, somewhat simulating field circumstances. Hey, you work with what you got, right?
❂ I began an online record of churches that are partnering with us. This was more a way for us to remind ourselves of who our partners are but also creating a place where we can go and access church websites and contact information readily. I also thought that I might be able to use it when contacting new churches, if we end up doing that sometime in our near future partnership development, as sort of a "Wondering about us? Here are some churches that can vouch for us."
❂ I used a flowchart program to organize my thoughts on Namibia plans, referencing whatever pertinent documents I had on hand. I have documents on BSN and LBT priorities and merged those in this flowchart program. I added those to my own thoughts and sort of narrowed the playing field for future projects by this method. Just thinking, processing, getting thoughts down.

We've been doing other projects that aren't directly related to LBT but that keep us on an even keel emotionally, something that we're finding to be increasingly important the further away we get from our most recently projected departure date of end-of-May. These include:
❂ Rob has been doing driving and heavy lifting tasks for his folks, where we're living right now. With his dad's vascular surgery recovery and his mom's torn retina recovery, that leaves task-gaps that Rob can fill (e.g. lawn mowing, putting out the trash).
❂ I have been in charge of vacuuming and communication with family and friends on his dad's health.
❂ I recently started answering questions on a question-answering website. Not Bible-related stuff, actually. I've been making it research-related. Like, someone wondered about their caloric intake requirements while they're recovering from anorexia. So, I searched until I found her answer. I posted a thorough, fully referenced and hyper-linked answer. She thanked me. Everyone's happy.
❂ I've been taking photographs and video footage with the new digital camera, with great results. My flower series (video sample of some shots in the column to the right of this blog entry) was especially gratifying. The shots are clear, esthetic and soothing to the soul. This camera makes photography easy.

I'm finding these things to be helping me feel better while I wait to go overseas. There's just something about completing a series of short tasks with immediate, grateful and/or positive feedback from others that does wonders for lingering feelings of futility.

This afternoon, Rob and I are going to have a little business meeting, talking about future plans. Specifically, we're going to be looking at little LBT-related projects that we might work on to achieve that elusive mood-boost.

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