Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ramping up again

The past few days were a bit of a blur. We got a document list on Friday for the new Namibia visa application and got cracking on it on Monday, when people's offices opened. Early Monday, we got word that my Canadian passport was trying to be delivered to our Woodinville address and that they would hold it there for me to pick it up between 5:30 and 7PM. So, we repacked and booked it back south to pick it up. We got my birth certificate out and made photocopies. Meanwhile, Rob had also found his birth certificate for copying and we arranged to go into Seattle Tuesday morning to get our police clearance letters. We caught a bus downtown, got the letters, bussed back to Redmond and mailed the birth certificate stuff and clearance letters off to LBT for preparation for sending with an LBT missionary to Namibia when they fly next Tuesday.

The next task, which I unsuccessfully worked at on Monday, was to get an appointment with a civil surgeon to redo our medical paperwork. It would appear that all the civil surgeons in the area have increased their prices. We had both of our exams done for $220 in January. Now, the best price we found was $200 each. Yikes! And most places were booked up until mid-August, due to the recent hike in USCIS fees. We did manage to get an appointment, after much calling, with a civil surgeon in Burlington, WA for Monday. Hopefully we'll get out of there fast enough to successfully overnight the forms to the misisonary to take with him on the plane. Though we could just mail them express international, I guess. It's only $25 plus $5.50 for document replacement insurance.

So, yes – we're aiming to be somewhere in southern Africa by September. More to come, as details becom clearer to us.

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