Monday, July 02, 2007

Just thinking about it makes me infertile

I opened my Google Reader and saw this headline:
Clues to stress-infertility link

OK, not so funny. The next line, though, had me doubled over in my chair:
Stressed-out African naked mole-rats may provide clues about infertility in humans, researchers believe.

Suddenly, all I could see in my head was a cluster of stressed-out African naked mole-rats, chain-smoking cigarettes and twiching as they give researchers the clues as to where they'll find the elusive infertility cure. After I blew my nose and regained some measure of self-control, I went to the article as linked and saw this:

Spasmic laughter resumes. Methinks the mental image alone of stressed-out African naked mole-rats might induce infertility in even the most (previously) amorous of couples.

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