Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lavender latte

To the espresso ground coffee in the coffee part, add a small amount of dried lavender (I use organic so it isn't all pesticidey). Brew as normal. I put in about a tablespoon with enough espresso grind for 4 shots and Rob said that was too lavendery and I loved it just as it was. Next time, we'll use a lot less dried lavender, maybe 3/4 tsp.

Also, we will put the lavender on top of the ground coffee or mix it in. Last time, we put the lavender in first and coffee on top and it got all stuck in the holes kind of.

Hey… I guess you could add it to regular coffee brewing too, eh? I played around with the idea of making an all lavender latte. Rob grimaces.


Sarah from Jos Javalog said...

Try sprinkling lavendar into pancakes before you flip them the first time. I love it and have made it for a bunch of people, with reactions varying from yum to tastes like soap.

Sarah again said...

btw, I'm going to try this coffee latte idea...good one.

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