Thursday, April 10, 2008

Successfully moved

Just so you know, we are now in Gabane. We came down from Francistown last Wednesday, went to a conference over the weekend and had meetings Monday morning. Tuesday, we did the big grocery run and picked up some household things. Wednesday (yesterday), the people we're housesitting for left for their 6 month trip and we went about settling in in earnest. We did about half the unpacking. Also, I did laundry. They have an unusual washing machine and it actually took me 2 straight hours of constant effort to get the wash done. All spinning and rinsing is done by hand with this older model. I watched Ruth do it so I could learn how before they left but she was much faster at it than I am. Practice, I suppose. I'll get faster, I hope. Since I'll be working each weekday, I'll have to get up pretty early in the morning to get the wash out before I have to go to the office.

Rob is speaking at a conference this coming weekend, at the Woodpecker Seminary south of Gaborone. He's teaching on basics of Scriptural songwriting in worship, audio technician skills and ensemble blending. I'm going too, I think, primarily to take photos.

I start work with Sarah on the Shiyeyi texts on Monday. I'm currently at the Mugg & Bean, downloading an update on a piece of Windows software so I can be all set with the database and latest version of FieldWorks before work starts.

There are monkeys here, all around the house. I saw 3 while I was hanging the wash. I just turned around and there they were. They're pretty skittish and they bolted quickly when they saw me looking at them. I haven't gotten a picture of them yet but I figure there's plenty of time for that.

It was quite cold this morning when we awoke. I had to put socks on to walk on the cold stone floor. Rob did warn me that it would get brisk here. Thankfully, I brought sweaters.

And internet is becoming a problem. We're discovering that the only time when there's any speed here at M&B is early morning. And our mail isn't downloading at all, into our mail program. We're having to do it all web-based. So, if it takes a while for us to update the blog and there are fewer pictures, you know what the problem is.

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