Monday, April 21, 2008

What Would Hakudze Do?

Much of the translation that we’re working on for the Bible stories can be checked against the scripture translation done by Mr. Hakudze, a mother-tongue Shiyeyi speaker living in Seronga. Wanting the stories to be consistent with scripture portions when they do become published, I have to check against the translation decisions that he’s made on things like proper names. I’m thinking of having a WWHD bracelet made.


Abson, Lara, Daniella & Sophie said...

I am wondering what is Mr. Hakudze's first name is. If it happens to be Joel, James, John, Josias,... then you may not need to have a new bracelet made afterall. This may save you quite some time :-).

Eshinee Veith said...

No such luck; I believe that his first name is Otukiseng. And his middle name, whatever it is, starts with a 'T'.

Actually... if I were to pull the stitches out of the bottom part of the 'J'... :)

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